“master,What about this girl?”

The swallow asked hesitantly。
“What do you think?”
Qin Liang asked in a low voice,In fact, he already had judgment in his heart,He asked this on purpose,The other party is a delicate and beautiful girl,He hopes Yanzi will make suggestions……
“She must be innocent!She is so young,Drugged again……to be frank,I don’t believe she is Yang Guang’s daughter!She looks nothing like him。”
Swallow said for sure。
Qin Liang walked to the bed and looked at Yu’er carefully,Because of the aphrodisiac,Yu’er at the moment is a beautiful woman,Bai Mei Qian Jiao……I can see that Qin Liang’s heartbeat has increased……
But what he can conclude is:Swallow is right,She should be not related to Yang Guang,Because from her pretty little face,Can’t see the shadow of Yang Guang。
“How about this,Anyway, let’s go back to the hospital in a while,Take her directly to the hospital for treatment,First find out what medicine she was given。What do you think?”
Qin Liang discusses with Yanzi。
“Is she still taking any medicine??You can’t see?”
Swallow wants to laugh,But held back,She knew that Qin Liang was pretending to be stupid on purpose。As long as they are special forces fighters with rich spy experience,You can easily tell that the little girl in front of you has been given an aphrodisiac……
“I say hello to Liu Yong,Call Xiaoxue and Xiaoyun again,The three of you take her。”
Qin Liang is a little embarrassed,Simply did not answer Yanzi’s question,But made arrangements。
“correct……You help her put on the clothes first……”