It can be said that it is virtuality.、Can’t touch the routine“Tianzhu cloud fog”Be a skin,Mostly changed“Variety of thousands of fumes thirteen”Meat,In the middle of the sword,Lock the human body seven ordered“Seven stars”Bone……

Lin Ping’s bone skin,Already showed that he was thinking about the cliff,Encounter Wuyue Sword,After that, he also listened to the deer.“Wuyue Real Solution”,Essence。
Indeeding Linting’s pair“Floral”Sword method,Very talented,In addition, the Chu Deirens took the ambulance of the warship.,Lin Ping’s and makes the foxwa are equivalent to a wave of small montex.,At this time, I realized a bit of my own unique swords.……
The reason why is cloud、Cold light,It is the impact of swords——Trend,Enthusiasm for psychology is especially huge。
Four old men were covered by Lin Ping,I also feel that my life is one cold.,And I can’t see it.“Cloud”Virtuality,Be uncomfortable,Even if you are busy。
“Old five,When is your kid as the old six?,Actually the first release?”
“Neither,Distinguo, you have a mistake.,The first to let go of the first……”
“Anyway, I am the last loose!”
Several old age seems to not know what is called“50-step laugh”,Still beside each other。
“Hey-hey,Boy,Who are you talking about??”
“That’s right.,No, we can try again.!”
I have a few old ages and I will look at Lin Ping.,It seems to be around the next moment.……
“Several seniors laughed,Ever let go,Also just the seniors,Don’t bear it, it is difficult for us.。”Lin Ping hits the four monsters。
If it is a year ago, Lin Ping has a current martial art.,Can’t determine the Welfare Dart,I will have turning,certainly……Maybe more recruits!
At this time, Lin Ping’s weakness is also obvious.,The internal strength is still weak than the Chu Deirens a year ago.,Previously, the empty power jump,It is already his limit。
In the original,Just practiced《Evil spirits》The status is almost,Be unable to、Powerful,At first glance, it is very bright.,But the front side is not so strong.——It also emphasized in the original,Lin Ping’s resident Yu Yuhai is just a uncomfortable。
Today’s Linping,It is not as short as it is like a lot.,Just thinking that the swords of their own three cats have been able to cross the rivers and lakes.……
I will force this four old,Just out,And these four people……Do not,Six people’s body law,It has already made Lin Ping’s quite“Be no longer”Feel,Really do it,I am afraid that it is difficult to come.,Maximum is fast with the sword、strange、sly,Can be dragged for a while,If two are only afraid of even the roommaked!
The Chu Deirers also recognized six people’s identity.,For Lin Ping’s crime expressed some……
Tao Valley Six Fairy,Six are unknown in the original,The words are in trouble,Martial arts but the old man!
Six people’s martial arts,Take out one alone,Also unusual, the level of the big paid,In order to save fox,Chaotic loser、Almost makes the fox,Leading the Yue unrequited couples as they are looking for the head。
Yue unruly judgment,Couples two people together,Up to three people,Four is not an opponent……
In the end, Yue Yue is actually bringing a lady.、disciple,Directly abandon the mountain gate——The exudation of the surface is to go to the mountain,Looking for Zuo Cai Zen to accuse him to support Jianzong、Death,Actually, it is to hide the sunset.!
Although some people think,The original work is still suppressed to suppress six innocent in the foxhorm.,Therefore, it is judged that it will not stop,But Chu Deirers obviously don’t think so。
One of the six immortals is funny,Give the fox who have lost the arrogance,One is also living,And no rescue of the Fox,Tired is almost fainting,Two……Six freighters in the foxfu body,This is the passive water,It’s still not far to suppress it.“An enemy six”。
Now According to the judge,This six in front of you,Alone one,I am afraid that I am almost the same as Yu Yuhai.,And their brothers six people,It’s mixed with it all day.,Don’t look at it,Mutual cooperation when actually shooting,Follow the strength of six people with more enemy,even……More than six!
If it is six people,Be unsatisfactory、Mu people clear these retired masters,Wuyue Sword,Only if there is a force of the left cold,Lin Ping……Still too tender。
Chapter 146 Phantom giant(400Moon ticket plus more)
Lin Ping’s unresolved land,Immediately there is a low Wuli spirit,Congrat respectful to a few seniors。
Change to a general master,Deal with a small generation,Never take the second truth,However, there is no master’s burden of the Master of the Tao Valley.,Said that he horses haha, I’m going to Lin Ping.……
“You will come again,Tie、Sword!”
“Your swords are powerful,Maybe you can scare the old six。”
“I think you should be the fox,Just now it is too ugly、too ugly!Or you are handsome!”