Yun Luo is not more helpless,Obvious……She is not ready too much!

Compared to below,Even more than Murongjiu is more voluntary,Although it is the peach,But Murong, if the inner depth is the words,《Fossil》It is enough to block Chu Deirers in“Stone”Outside,even“Break”Outside the door,The hard work of Chu Deirers can not practice there.。
As for Yunlo……
Associate with Chu Deirers,Bi Murongjiu is also earlier,Although there is a certain feeling basis,But after all, it is not better than Murongjiu.——Let’s take a long time in Murongjiu and Chu Deirers.,There is also the instinct love brought by Xiao Jiujiu.,Two……She is in this matter,Obviously doped other ideas,Quote,Can’t learn from ordinary men and women。
Compared to below,Yun Luo now needs comfort。
The reason why there is no crying,Because she also knows,Chu Deirers have just turned around,All is yourself……And County Horse……
However, Yun Luo is still grien.!
If your own county horse is a Chu Deire,Or yourself“Woman”,runaway、When I went to the rivers and lakes with Chu Deirers,This kind of thing happens,perhaps……Will be different feelings。
Chu Deirers hard my scalp,Hold the body from behind, the body is obviously stiff, Yun Luo,Soon asked in the ear:“not happy?”
The Chu Deirers regret it.,This is not nonsense?Who is willing to be in the middle?……After what, I’m still happy.?
“I have always thought about this day.,but……I thought it was in the cave.,And the county horse,Or in a cave,And together、The heroes of the wind。”Yun Luo whispered。
Chu Deman:……
Previous idea,It should be said to be the idea of all county mains.,last one……What is a ghost??
“To some extent……This time?”Chu Deirers finished,I want to pick myself again.。
It is also true of the county horse and“Heroes”All in,But……Yunlo obviously didn’t feel double happy,And grabbed the arm of Chu Deirers,Bite a bite!
After the teeth are sour,Surman said:“In fact, I have long known.,Saucy nine this county horse,False is true……Waiting for thorough exposes the conspiracy of Emperor Uncle,I will travel with you.!”
“Not still stinky……Is there a sister??”Yunlo face。
Chu Deirers nodded some embarrassment,I don’t dare to say a word.。
Yun Luo said at this time:“Where are you going??Smash my emperor’s other conspiracy?”
“Do not,I have to take a good doctor first.,Go to Taihu Lake……Premane。”Chu Deireng hesitation、But very honest answer。
Yun Luo Wen said——Pity……
“Go to the drum mountain,Yingying delivery。”
Yun Luo:……
“I suddenly don’t want to be with you, and I will travel to the rivers and lakes.!”
“I think……”
“You think beautiful!”
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 828 Swear
When the Chu Dee leaving Mezhuang,God does not know、Do not。
And Murongjiu and Yun Luo have left,When I returned to Beijing,Obviously it can be seen from Yun Luo to Murongjiu,Blame and angry,Also shy,And Murongjiu is an apology、But in the back, hidden……
Very much in line“script”!
Most of Yun Luo’s shy is more,Zhao ignore,“Murong Fu”It has also been the same as the Raiders.,Just the final qualification。