“Xiao Li,I’m wrong,I am really wrong.,Don’t go in,These wolves will eat me.。”

“hehe,I have reminded you all now.,If you don’t tell the truth,It seems that there is no relationship with me, the dry clean net tonight.?”
After that, Li will push the door directly to。
Entered the door,He saw Han Shanshan’s obsessment and looks at himself.。
Han Shanshan’s eyes so look,Li Hui’s heart could not help but,After all, he really saw the moon color.,Even if I don’t have a moonlight tonight, he also looks clear.。
Chapter 375
“Lee,You are 呜呜” Han Shanshan has not waited for it.,I can’t help but cry.。
See the previous female head,The big squad leader crying,Li Hui is a little panic,After all, in his impression,Han Shanshan did not cry,Only others cry。
However, Han Shanshan Napihua Shiwei,It is a feeling that Li Hui feels like.。
“Squad leader,Don’t cry, don’t cry.,That person I have already caught it.,Let us teach him for a while.。”
For those who just jumped into the yard, I saw Han Shanshan’s body.,Li Anti-style feels still can avoid it.。
After all, it is not a brilliant thing.,And there is Qin Su Ya here.。
“Little Ya,Li Hui Feng him bully me,Just now, he is 呜呜” I heard Han Shanshan so much.,Where is Qin Su? I don’t know what is going on.,And when Han Shanhan screamed, she has already put it on a thin clothes.,Nature is also seen in the white station in the wall,Also see Li Hui Feng in the yard。
Just she has not so much interest,But I didn’t expect Han Shanshan to actively say it.。
“All right,All right,I see,Our advanced house,Let the small wind solve the outside thing,Let’s solve him better.?”
I listened to Qin Ya Ya.,Han Shanshan’s crying is also abrupt.。
“Um,it is good,Xiao Ya Jie, you have to give me an export,I am so big or the first time I eat such a big loss.。”
For Han Shanshan, this is a crying,Qin Su Ya and Li have a glimpse。
Li Hui Feng now some understand why many boys in the school are afraid of Han Shanshan.,This is a beautiful,Delivery girl,I am afraid I have to dig a pit.。
What’s more, Han Shan’s excavation is not a pit.,Still very deep trap。
“breeze,You first solve the outside thing.,I will come over again。”
Say this,Qin Su is directly accompanying Han Shan Shan into the house.,Then find out her clothes to Han Shanshan。
A simple suspender dress,Into the other side to illuminate the whole night on Han Shanshan.。
If Qin Su Ya is beautiful with a fairy,So Han Shanshan is the same as the ancient spiritual elf.,It’s just that this elves have a bit of beautiful color.。
That’s a few points, the color of the glamorous, but I don’t know how many people.。
“Little Ya,I was looked at Li with the wind.,I am so big.,Also never been manned by men,I feel losses.,I want to slaughter him.。”
“Forehead,Shanshan,Breeble should not be deliberate,He may hear your fear sound,Time impulsive jumped,And this big night,He should also see clearly。”
Although Qin Su Ya is in the mouth,But my heart, I feel that Li’s wind should be seen.,Otherwise, Li Hui will not run out again so.。
Very obvious, doing the performance of thieves。
“Little Ya,I do not care,I have to let him compensate me.。”
“Good,Let him compensate you for a while,Just you want him to compensate you??”
“I have not decided yet,But I can’t be so blow.。”
Han Shanshan sits in bed and shakes two slender jade legs.,Where there is half-point pear flower with rain,Some is just ancient spirits, and if you want to retaliate the idea of Li.。
Just when Han Shanshan returned to Qin Ya Ya,Outside Li Hui Feng also seeing Wu came to the death of the priest and did not dare to breathe.。
Seeing Li Hui,Wu Zi immediately cried。
“Xiao Li,Uncle knows wrong,You spare you.,Uncle is really afraid。”
Said that he is going to run along Li Hui Rong.,Just not wait for him to run,It was pressed by the big white paw.。
The big white paw is the size of the man’s fist,In addition, the force after the refinement of Xianquan is already in the same day.。
This will let Wu Laoyue are true.。