And the old man headed by the crowd standing under the spaceship flashed。

“Your Highness Urus,welcome~”
This is a green skin,Old man with a short stature,Looks a little wretched,But the turbulent immortal power shows his identity。And behind him, there are also five immortal gods and twenty masters。
On meeting specifications,Doesn’t look high,But Li Ming did not dare to underestimate each other。
Because of that restrained but powerful breath of power,That faint spatial fluctuation,All proved that the strength of this old man is extremely terrifying。
“Lord Sodah!”Li Ming salutes slightly,This is definitely a master Fenghou Feng,Even the strength is no less than the one who killed the master of Meteorite‘Devil King’。not to mention,He is a cronies of the Lord of the Dong Lan universe。No matter from which point of view,Even the direct descendants of the Lord of the Universe,Only the world master-level genius His Royal Highness Urus must respect each other。
“Your Highness Urus!”The green-skinned old man nodded,“I greet you on behalf of the great Lord,Thank you also to the Virtual Universe Company for sending your Highness as an inspection envoy to our winter cosmos country。”
“Your Excellency。。Thank you Lord Lord。”Li Ming behaves like a genius descendant of a true universe lord,Quite polite on the surface,But there is a faint arrogance in the bones。
Can you not be arrogant,After all, the lord of the universe is the top human being,Their descendants,Especially with super talent,It is expected to become immortal or even a king,Nature is considered the highest rank in the human universe‘Second generation’。
“Your Highness Urus,We have built a mansion for you,Set up in the core area of Dongyu Star。”Suodahou said with a smile,“In addition,Welcome, your banquet is also ready,Participants are the real power gods of our winter cosmos,Those ordinary gods are not qualified to participate,I wonder if you go。。。”
Li Ming glanced at Suodahou,He came to this winter cosmic country as an inspection envoy,http://www.hgbaoyuantang.cnThe virtual universe company naturally gives a lot of suggestions。One of the most important is not to make too many local gods。
Special inspection envoy unless he is a salted fish,Otherwise it is an unwelcome character in most cases,Duties have investigation、Catch、Review、judgment。
Not to mention the post of special envoy,Destined to keep a low profile,Even create some mystery。