“Not avenge?”

“Just experience?”
Summer nice head,“right,Just want to go outside and see,Now there are secret treasures of teachers,Safety should not matter。”
“Ha ha,It seems that we have more concern.,You can think of this best。”
Lin Donghe blood old monster also loose tone。
They saw that the summer enchanting refiner talent,I don’t want him to take risks.。
“Since it is a experience,That’s going.,but……Be careful,Never mind,Wild world,It is dangerous than you imagined。” “Disciple understands。”
I have paused in the summer.,Also,“teacher,Brother,Small teacher,I am going to leave this night.。”
“Is it so anxious??”
Zhou Wei is somewhat dismissed。
Summer laughing,“Be left in the evening,Just to avoid some unnecessary trouble,If you really say,Yunshan wants to shoot me,They will definitely have an eyeliner to survive around。”
Lin Donghe the blood of the blood is coming up with a discussion。
……Night,Summer worshiping two teachers,Say goodbye to the true and Zhou Wei。
He floated like a light smoke。
Several flakes,Even the end of the street。
“Brother,Be sure to come back early.……”Three months get along,It’s enough to let Zhou Xi understand how summer is one person.。 He humble、self-discipline,There is a calm person。
He is a look at any time.,Not a gesture,But by the inside out。
Occasionally,Will also see him looking up at the starry sky,That is a very few hesitation.、Gratitude、Miss。
He seems to have a very heavy heart,It seems to have a touch of alienation with anyone。
but,He is in many times,I don’t tire myself, I’m telling the experience of my refineries.。
Even if the words are like this,Nowadays, I will call a brother.。
perhaps,This is the natural temperament?
The words are really silently standing in front of the window,Looking forward to the direction of the summer,I wish him all the way。
But just at this time,Apere。
He was shrouded by a breath,Then flying fast。
I found out after coming out.,Zhou Wei is also,Lin Donghe http://www.1iangzhi.cnblood old mob is to roll two people to the extension with the secret law.。
What’s wrong?”
Lin Dong and blood are monster,All smile。
“Summer although old,But experience is still,Today, I will take you to see it.,Add a lot of experience for your future strength。”
The words are really a glimpse.。