Ear Jun Haozhong Delivery,“Some people put the boost behind,Let the ear have an explanation of the world,I get a message,Many people have collected together,Will go to the ear within three days。”

Summer stunned,“so serious?Who is pushing hands??Gan?”
He did not pay much attention to these。
after all,Essentially,This is the game of people and Lingtian in Goro.。
Battlefield selected by both parties,An ear home。
Otherwise,Another is eating melon people。
As long as it is not idiot,Will no one takes the initiative to come in。
This is a rotation,Before you have a deep shallow,Volume is a dead。
In his opinion,Those who screamed,Egg,I am terriageless guy,It’s just putting a gun.。
I didn’t expect to dare to go to myself.?
Is the brain into the water??
Obvious,Now it seems,Some people deliberately mix the water,I deliberately secretly。
“Unce you know, isn’t Gano。”
Ear Jun Hao shakes his head,Nodded again,“But his possibility is the largest。”
“Let the ear give an allegation to the world?What do they want??”
Asked in summer。
Ear Jun Hao cough,“Although you are ancient martial arts,But not growing in the ancient weapon,The water is very deep。”
There are fewer little between the look of the Ear Junhao.,“Not everyone has such a good life.,Poor Wenfu,Nor isn’t it just a mouth?。”
Toned,Also,“The resources that Wu Xi need to spend very huge,No breathing,I can practice it.,Teacher guidance,Food consumption,Also to create a corresponding instrument,Important,Still a strong body,These require money,Every martial arts,Need a lot of resources,Can be in the ancient world,So much resources,A competitive relationship is formed between the martial art and the martial art,Finally, big fish eat small fish,Small fish eat shrimp rice,Shrimp is only eating soil。”
He pointed to himself,Refers to the summer,“Our ancient martial arts,Grow up,Will consume many,Especially medicinal materials,Starting from our grinding bones,Have a small,Need a lot of medicinal materials,Medicinal materials,Also subdue and precious levels,The foundation of polishing is also different,But cherish the medicinal material so much,Can only be a big force,Then the medium force……”
Summer sway,Stop him,“I don’t understand this.,Say directly。”
Ear Jun Hao once again died,“Since we have our ear home,There is a rule in the ancient martial art,every year,The majority of the ancient martial arts,I have to send some resources for my ear.……”
He did not continue to explain in depth,But in the summer understand。
The ear can have so many experts,How many resources can you want to consume?。
But my ear is hidden,Where is the resources??
“so,Those people have given the ear to an account,I want to make my ear to return resources.?”
Ear Junhao nodded,I shaken my head again.,Be more embarrassing,“My big brother ear is a master for so many years.,In order to safeguard the stability and balance of the Chinese people,I have also killed a lot of people.……”
He shook his head,Sigh a breath,Self-department and bitter,“Its root cause is still in the world,Ling Tianxia is originally the door of the long life.,But Changsheng Door has been an ancient rule,If there is no big event,Changshengmen people,Do not step on the outside world,Ling Tianxia,Also talking to my big brother,Many people know,Ling Tianxia must have unknown conspiracy,They also want to listen to related messages from ear home。”
Summer eyes suddenly reveal。
He is not asking,“All right,Since this,Then let’s go on the road tomorrow.,Go to my ear。But say good in advance,About these,I will not participate.。”
“no problem,As long as you go,I am grateful to my ear.。”