“How not?”

The eyes of the ancient sea means deep,“Is the blood family not growing?,Although there is still a life limit,Can live at least 100 years old。It is precisely because of the presence of the blood family,Let them pursue the heart of the longevity。”
Summer is silent,Speak without saying。
The temptation of these four words is too large.。
And not to mention abroad,Even if China is from ancient times,How many emperors want a thousand years。
But in the end, still make a bone,A bit of loess。
“Record,Bloody internal division into three parties,Among them, the Magic Party is even more blue blood.……These,They are all behind the gods.。”
The ancient sea road has a more secrets,“Unfortunately,The blood family is not like the film and television.,Once you are bitten,It will turn into the beginning,New blood family,And they study so many years,Almost no progress,Just make a lot of monsters。”
Toned,She also,“And our Chinese is also their goal,After all, the history of Huaxia is complete.,There are still many myths to flow.,Our Dahua Taoist、Buddhist home、Wu Dao is related to Changsheng Legend。”
“The emergence of respect,Ghost Valley’s long-lived road,There are also many vitalities that many modern sciences cannot explain.……”
finally,The ancient sea is a secret。
“World in the Western world,About the origin of the blood,Most of the medieval origins,Say what Adam and Eve steals a ban,And this hidden is the younger brother of Adam,Finally, the punishment became a blood group……These natural are not true。”
Toned,She said,“Truth,The blood family has a secret connection with my Huaxia.。”
Summer Hawran,Unbelievable。
This information is simply subverting his three views.。
“European Middle Ages,Also just in China, North and South Dynasties and Tang Dynasties,At that time, the medieval,Ignorant darkness,How does the blood family do not appear?,Ancient records flowing down,Is a batch of yellow black hair black,I don’t know what kind of way,Cream。”
NS2793chapter Crime
Summer long time。
The secret of the ancient sea channel,Let him swear in the heart。
But at the same time,Also give more doubts。
It’s just that the ancient sea does not continue in this topic.。
She said softly,“This has been,Our long-lived doors and the gods alliances hand in secret,There is a win。”
Toned,Swift,“Just their core and senior members are too mysterious.,A less low-key,Can’t distinguish,Unless……”Merely,She gently spit out a sentence,“Unless it is a large scale,Their talent will appear,We only have a joining,Can you kill them one by one by one。”
Summer mouth is not enough to smoke,“This is the origin of the Jihad?”
Ancient sea,Also,“Last time you are in Zushan,Some of the so-called holy war in the eastern West,But in our eyes,That is really worth mentioning.,If the war is opened,Can only be small,but,Your importance is also highlighted。”
Merely,She looks straight to the summer。
“I won’t force you,But if you have something,Help investigate the core of the gods alliance,You have now become a nail in their eyes.,Meat thorn,after all,The speed of your growth is too fast.。”
Summer eyes flash,“What you mean……Let me go out as a bait?”
“This is a great potential。”
Ancient sea,“Even if you don’t do anything,The gods of the gods will not let you go.,If you can lead them out,I will rate the door to make them a net。”