Through the sky,Gasification,Thoroughly。

but,It doesn’t mean it.。
The martial author is the martial art,Instead of repairing immortality。
Restaurant,No longer a hunger,More like a place to relax and enjoy。
This layer is completely transformed into a restaurant,Also is the gathering of money warrants。
Vegetables and drinks naturally beyond ordinary,The price is certainly more expensive.。
Even if I have a Treatment in Suyang,I only can’t consume once.。
The two have been looking for a window position.,He smiles,“Summer brother,I can see it.,Your Jianbao’s level is definitely above the three products,After I don’t understand anything,I still hope that I will enlighten me.。”
“Higher education does not dare,We study each other。”
At this time,Waiter,Yanyian point a few dishes,I want a pot of wine。
When the waiter turns around,He is only lowered,“Summer brother,In our chamber of commerce,The status of the treasurer is very high,In the headquarters of the Hall of God,Our circles are divided into two factions,A faction is an old,Be right,This is the responsibility
The predecessor hired。”
Paused,Time to think about summer。
He also,“There is also a faction,Is the head of Li Changchun Li Lao,Privately,We called Zhangpai and Li School, respectively.……”
“These two old predecessors are not only a Treatment,They are also amen,And reached the first grade of four products,but……Relatively speaking,Li is higher than that of Zhang Laoyi,These two old seniors have been fighting。This also leads to the talents under their hand to see each other.。”
Summer is first,Rear light flash。
His thinking is keen,Immediately,“Is it about Kowloon Ding and two seniors?”
Yuyang smiles,“That Kowloon,It is the work of Li School’s idea and refining,Unfortunately, failure。”
Toned,Also,“Zhang Lao took it,Let us improve,If successful,You can humiliate and ridicule Li Old。”
Summer frown,Demonstrate,“For this?Not bored??”
Yuyang is smilling more,“Zhang Lao, I am afraid that this faction can’t complete the upgrade.,So I will give us these most underlying two-piece tasting.,If it is,Can be unscrupulous,Strike them,If you fail,Not a shame,After all, it is a two-product Treatment.……”
Summer shink,Speak without saying。
“Hey-hey,I speculate,Jiulong Ding definitely been seen by high-quality Jianbao,They also can’t take a better renovation program,So I lost to the second product,These days,China in our floor,Most of the Jiulong Ding,I am the last one……”
Not finished,Stop。
His eyes have grown up,The pupil has obvious contraction。
Summer picking your eyebrows,Touch your eyes.……He also can’t help but。
I saw a male and one female in the corner of the stairs.。
Men is a young youth,Have a thick golden long hair,Sunshine handsome face,It’s a flying breath.。
Woman walks your goose yellow dress,Pose,Figure,Curve exquisite,People are also very sweet,Curved eyebrow,Long eyelashes,Big eye of the water spirit,A special temperament。
It is the woman called Wang Yuxin.。
Summer recovery,Portable road,“Yuyang brother,Your eyes are not right.,how,Look at her?”
Yuyang dry cough,Broken red,“No no,Don’t say,I am watching that youth,right,it’s him,His name is,He is a disciple of Li Lao,Walking around Wang Yuxin as a dog,Nothing,Didn’t seeing Wang Yuxin ingredient to him?。”
NS3452chapter Not covered a house but the building
“Ha ha。”
Summer low and low smile。