And another,Fire old,Not only the control of the fire,Also the owner of the monitoring。

They naturally have seen the power of Ling Sea for more than one time.,but,Every time you see,The old bosils still remain ignorant。
Linghai strong in their eyes,That is the real cactus.。
This kind of cognition has rooted within the bone marrow of every martial author of the big summer.。
Quality quantity,Laugh at the wind,Tour world……This is not a fairy?。
Perhaps in Dadia Domestic,Every year, there are genius promotion Wu Wangjing.,Reborn,Happy fairy。
But Ling Haijing……Perhaps there is a case for hundreds of years.。
Most Wu King strong,Sleepy in this realm,There is a heavenly gully with the Ling Haijing。
“Don’t be arrested。”
Dean Su Lao said warm,People can’t help trust。
Spin,He also,“Other new students can continue to draw a game,Wang Wei doesn’t have to be,For the top three columns。”
Sound falls,Lausang and faculty are short-lived,Restore normal。
Inversely, new students,Dispel。
Su Zhidao smiled and explained,“Don’t think I am biased by him,on the contrary,I am thinking about these new students.,You are too much to be too huge to him.,If he entries,Is the unfair to you,Any freshman,Defeated,Will only make you chance。”
I heard this sentence,New students are first,Rotate frequent nod。
Not uncomfortable。
And not to say that before the summer, help them earn nearly five hundred yuan crystals.,It’s even seen that he is strong.。
Public,He has already recognized the summer。
Even if it is a strong Chuyang in the summer,Although I don’t accept it.,But have to admit,Today’s own you can do it in summer.。
Even before,He is still worried,If the luck is not good to meet the summer,That is really unlucky.。
At this time,Su Lao Road,“The top three of this new job,You can get free access to Runhai.,No payment,A quota has been obtained in the summer,The rest of the two places,The fifth round of winning。”
Fourth round,Has been excavated。
Four strong continued,The two people won to enter the top three,You can also enter the Runhai。
This is the competitive mechanism of the Academy of Academy.。
Strong strength,Potential……More resources!Summer,Regardless of strength or potential,Has been seen in the eyes by everyone。
Even the high evaluation of the dean……This makes many older life.。
Summer rushed to thank you,I can’t stop my mouth.。
What is wrong?,Fame and fortune did not have any desires。
All,Just to get more resources,Thus become strong。
He thinks it is a big earned tonight.。
Originally just the way,Earn a thousand yuan crystal。