“Just inform,Isn’t it a violation of the plain text of the dragon trainer??”

Teacher Ke Bei nodded,As a person of the Zulong city state,He naturally prefers to see the victory of Ronggok City。
“The teacher goes first,We will go back to college!”Nan Ye has already begun to urge。
The flight speed of the eagle beast dragon is naturally far better than the bird pseudo dragon,Even more than the army’s messenger,The battle reports received by Ronggucheng are all delayed,It means that the fortress was breached very suddenly……
“Then you are careful,Don’t get involved in war,You still can’t change the situation。”Teacher Ke Bei told。
As long as you don’t leave the flying bird and pseudo dragon,These students should not be life-threatening,And can leave this battlefield very quickly。
Eagle Beast Dragon Speed,You can even reach the city lord before the battle report is delivered to the Zulong city state。
Ke Bei knows very well,Now Ronggucheng is just using Nawa Lake to delay,Wait for the flood to be completely drained,Sucked by the soil,The rioting army will still attack the city!
Time is pressing,Must fly at full speed。
Waving huge and strong eagle wings,The eagle beast dragon passed through the rain curtain,I left this valley after rising in the air several times,Fly away from the Sichuan Plain……
Mountains behind,Slowly sink to the horizon,Ke Bei looked solemn,Is urging his eagle beast dragon to speed up。
At this time they have not escaped from the cloud and rain,It’s just that Ronggu City is getting farther and farther,At the speed of the Eagle Beast Dragon,It only takes half a day to fly back to Zulong City State。
The warm red light broke through the dark clouds,Shine into this world from the higher sky,It can be seen that the positive mountains and forests are slowly showing the red of maple leaves。
Zhu Minglang turned his head subconsciously,Glanced at the sky covered by dark clouds,Take a look at the falling rain and mist,I don’t know when the clouds turned into red clouds,Red as burning like a flame,Rain and fog become sparse,A puff of white steam appeared under the cloud,Like a boiler just opened!
Sky red!
Zhu Minglang has seen this picture more than once!