Gao Baoyi drama has helped these people.。

“You promulgate,That is, from all parts of the gathering,Use food to serve。”
Qi State has always used money to grain,only,This is a“Gift”,Not,You can change it.!For many people,Don’t worry about money and food.,It’s great to earn.。
But the country must always have a service to work hard.,So this kind of mouth can’t open,Or“Only I allow,You can”。
Listening to Gao Baoyi,Li Delin’s face,This kind of drinker,OK two times,He has never been big in the past。
“correct,You will order again,Huainan is from now on,For affected areas,Food cloth and other materials,Only advance,Not allow。Operate it out of Huainan,Refugees,Can be paid first。You order you,Do things,I have another arrangement。”
Huainan this year is only because of various reasons.,It is still 100,000 miles away from the disaster area.。Results Gao Bo Yi said“disaster area”,So,It is also certain here and it is inevitable.“disaster area”NS。
Li Delin does not seem to understand Gao Bo Yi’s arrangement,But still arched,Quietly retreat,Only high-end supervisor is sitting in the case。
“This year, Qi State is actually not lacking.。”
Self-screen,Zheng Minmin’s voice。
“But not?。If you miss more,Yicheng has long been chaoting.,But now the food prices are compared with previous years,There is no difference。”
Gao Baoyi hung on his face,Some people in the middle of the people have played the way.,I think that no one can be taken by them.,only if“Do not break”status,Then you must be,Clamp。
But they forgot,From the fundamentals,North Qi has only no war in this year.“Balance”,Does not mean that domestic famine!This is some people in Huainan,Using information asymmetry,Artificial manufacturing panic!
Many people are buying things,Often it will think of a commodity“plate”Very big,Pull it to a high price,It takes the same amount of money as the day。
Actually,This is only blinded by the price.。Especially in a certain area,In fact, put a commodity to a high price,Do not require special money。
at least,Some people can do this easily.!They can make a city,The grain prices of a state becomes a high price!
Developed in trade,This is even more such that Yangzhou, developed in the waterway.。
“So,How do you plan to do it??Greater host?”
Zheng Minmin is laughing and getting up in front of Gao Baoyi,I asked in his face.。
“I didn’t mean the lottery in advance.。I will let those people know,Their stocks are always fried.。”
Zheng Minmin heard a new word again。
“You can understand,Man developing a rule of the game。For example, we will run in the game.,Weak you,Naturally running me。But when I arrived at the end point,But the referee has won you,Because the race rules run slowly,Who wins。
Those people who engage in food prices are even more,Also playing games,And I am developing a rules of the game.,No one is specified,Referee can not be halfway to change the rules,Is not it?”
This is still a person?
Zheng Minmin almost explosive。
Gao Baoyi’s eyes,This year is just not fighting,Let’s play with those people.,So everyone thinks that he is just a mart.,Brain muscles。This time,He is always letting those who dare to end.,want!Fairy!want!die!
“Alang,Yang Su came。”
Fu Bo’s voice。
“Let him come in.。”
Gao Bao said to Zheng Minmin:“Rear on the screen to see the account,Don’t talk anything。”
Take a short while,Yang Suxin push the door,See Gao Baoyi,Just say:“Leader,Call it under,But for Huainan things?”
I want Yang Su, I have heard some winds.,Say the family is in Huainan,Pressure to Gao Boyi, etc.。