The middle-aged man checked the prescription in his eyes,Looking at Mo Xiaosheng with astonishment,Very excited。

The patients lining up inside and outside Qianzhitang also suddenly became agitated,Looking at Mo Xiaosheng with astonishment。
“What’s so strange about this,Since you already know it is pulmonary wind disease,Naturally know the right medicine!”
Wan Shiling’s complexion seems to be able to wring out water,Cold voice。
“Oh?If you know it is pulmonary wind disease, you can know the correct prescription?Didn’t you just say that besides you,Can others not cure this disease??”Mo Xiaosheng holds his head up,Questioning with interest。
His voice fell off,Everyone in the whole Qianzhitang was in an uproar,Talk a lot。
“Yes indeed,Didn’t the panacea doctor just say that it won’t be cured after 30 years?”
“Just,This has become too fast, right??”
“Is this person reliable?,We came all the way。”
“Pantheon is indeed a famous Chinese medicine doctor in Beijing,But why is it that even a young man can recite the prescription?……”
Wan Shiling’s face was blue and white,Calm face, don’t know what to say,He really didn’t expect,I originally wanted to borrow“Free clinic”Make a good fortune,In the end, I didn’t expect to kill Cheng Yaojin halfway through。
“Get out!I think you are sincere to make trouble, right??”
Wan Xiaochuan heard everyone talking,Suddenly flustered,Picked up the chair again,When other doctors saw this, they immediately surrounded,Make a gesture to Mo Xiaosheng and Wang Xuan。
“how,The dignified theory of thousand planting churches is nothing but others,Just want to do it?”Mo Xiaosheng glanced at Wan Xiaochuan coldly。
“Stop me!”
Wan Shiling immediately scolded Wan Xiaochuan and others,Said with a deep face, Mo Xiaosheng,“Young man,You tell me,Who instigated you to make trouble?”
“Wan Lao,No one told me to make trouble。”Mo Xiaosheng sternly said:“Tell you,The reason why I stood up and told you so much,I don’t want you to use your extraordinary medical skills on crooked roads。”
“Crooked road?!The old man is not your turn to teach!”Wan Shiling cold voice,“Do you know how many senior politicians I have seen??If the old man is unpredictable,Will they invite me?My Wan Shiling doctor is kind,Never ashamed to treat anyone!”
Mo Xiaosheng sighed helplessly when he heard this.,It seems that Wan Shiling is already lustful,Terminally ill,It’s really hopeless。
“Since you are not here to make trouble,Then please leave,Don’t prevent me from seeing a doctor!”Wan Shiling made a please pose,Signal Mo Xiaosheng to go out。