First214chapter Done!(A Tao888The boss adds more)

Shen Huan waited all afternoon,Didn’t wait for Cui Zhong’s call。
The boy felt a little flustered。
He wondered if I should get off?
They really think that widows regard money as dung,Regarding fame and fortune,So I regretfully cut off the idea of inviting me to film?
I happen to be short of money right now,You guys work harder,I will agree!
Shen Huan at this time,I never thought about it5000What a pity it is to donate。
A spell and a song,Nothing。
The key is that there are no tasks within a year,There is no reward,This made Shen Huanxin feel flustered。
He put5000Wan deemed a punishment,Also regarded as a lesson,Did not expect5000What a pity it would be。
In the long run,With the good master constantly giving tasks,Get rewards for doing it yourself,5000Ten thousand is not an unacceptable number at all。
Didn’t Master Xing talk about it?,Wind blown eggshell,Choi goes and people are happy。
Sometimes,More money is not a good thing。
Shen Huan pondered for a long time,The conclusion is no matter。
A widow can’t lose a share。
Although I took the initiative to call and ask,They will definitely ask me to be the actor,But that meaning is completely different。
I would rather think of other ways,I can’t lower my status in the arena by three。
Wait till tonight,If they haven’t called a second time,It doesn’t matter。