It’s impossible to be a lifelong partner,But in the current relationship more deeply,Have some less serious relationships,She thinks it’s totally ok。

Just,Chi Jiao didn’t believe it。
I feel this forgiveness is too easy。
She asked again:“Did you really lie to me?”
Fang Hao:“Really。”
Chi Jiao still doesn’t believe it:“Are you just playing me??”
Fang Hao:“。。。。。。”
Fang Hao:“How about this,Let’s exchange photos to show my sincerity——I’m talking about those with less clothes。”
There are cameras in the room,He went to the bathroom once,Then I sent Chi Jiao a picture of his upper body without clothes:
“Look,My photo is coming。Sister Jiaojiao,It’s your turn。”
Chapter Three and One Last issue
Chi Jiao finally believes that Fang Hao forgave herself。
The main reason is that Fang Hao is so interested in joking with himself。
Without forgiveness,Won’t make jokes like that。