long time,Ding Yicai said:“Thinking about section chief。”

“It feels like he is deliberately avoiding。”Ding Yi feels a little awkward,I felt it since I got in the car。
Ding Yi glanced at him,Said:“I knew I was thinking about it,Although not as wise as you,But there is still something to be careful。”
Ding Yibai gave him a look,Did not speak。
“Are you sure?”
Jiang Fan continued:“His child is indeed sick,This can be concluded from his demeanor。In addition,Maybe others will do it,Think we might have an affair,Leave deliberately,Leave us a chance to be alone,But he won’t。First of all,He is a very political person,Also very loyal,He won’t leave with excuses。if that is true,Where did he put me?Where do we take us?As for a while, I will take you back to Beijing,That’s another matter。In kangzhou,He won’t leave us,Let us be alone,Rest assured。”
Ding Yi turned to look at him,Imitate him,Touched his head with my hand,Said:“obedient,You worked so hard today,Not too tired。I go back to school,Hurry up。”
“Ok,Ok。”Ding Yi tilted his head and glanced at him。
Ding Yi listened,I withdraw my hand,Blushing is like dyed rouge。
“is it?”She whispered。
Ding Yi’s heart beat,She glanced at this man,Handsome face profile,It makes her obsessed,She reached out,Cover his big hand holding the steering wheel,Said:“me too。”
Ding Yi was taken aback,Quickly break away,Said:“Be careful——”
They came to the hotel again,Just stopped in the parking lot,Ding Yigang is about to get off,Jiang Fan stopped her at once,Said:“and many more。”