Xia Chenglong thought of a possibility,Extremely gloomy,Damn woman,Lie,If it wasn’t for the timing,He really pinched the woman next to him。

“Everyone is leaving,Go fast。”
“withdraw,Quick withdrawal。”
Mengdie also realized something was wrong,Give orders to the person behind。
The warriors have been waiting for such an order,Ran away after hearing the sound,Those babies are not even a fart in front of life。
Xia Chenglong is also ready to retreat,Because he understands,What comes next,Even in his heyday, it’s hard to stop。
Tidal storm,A kind of spiritual eruption that occasionally occurs in the mountains,This force is formed in nature,Disappear in nature,It may be only a few hours,It may be days and nights,Anyway, encounter this natural phenomenon,The only way is to run。
The storm has started,In the blink of an eye,The surrounding trees were torn by the wind,The air is mixed with dry branches,Extremely scary。
They are still a step late,Must leave immediately,Otherwise, wait for the strongest part of the storm to come,Then there is really no possibility of survival。
“what……My hairpin!”
The three are about to leave,Xia Chenglong has turned around,Mengdie flew out instinctively in the direction of the storm。
Damn,When is the special code,Even care about those things?
Xia Chenglong’s eyes are quick and fast,Pull the woman back:“You are crazy,Do you want us to be buried here??”
“My hairpin dropped,Yeniang left it to me。”Mengdie shouted anxiously,It looks like you won’t live if you have a hairpin。
I knew this,How nice it was to pinch to death last night,Not to have so many things。
“Zhao Shaojiu,Don’t separate you two together,wait for me。”
Finished,Xia Chenglong went to the hairpin that was stuck fifty meters away in an instant,The short fifty meters is usually in the blink of an eye,Today is extremely difficult,The energy of the tidal storm is too terrifying,With his current state,It’s really not easy。