But it makes them more excited,Is a sudden change of fate!The thought of not having to go to prison to spend those long ten years,Both of them are excited,Compared to prison,This is simply heaven on earth!

They don’t care if they are discriminated against by others here,Because it’s the same in prison,No matter how you say it here, it’s much better than prison.……
Yang Zhi and the others also followed everyone casually and walked unhurriedly,From the moment when Song Junming and Song Junjie were unlocked,Their mission on this trip is considered complete。
Especially into this“base”Inside,The Song brothers don’t even need to monitor,If you still want to escape when you get here,Unless it’s the brothers who got kicked by the donkey!
But obviously neither of them looks like someone kicked in the head by a donkey……
The cave is unexpectedly large!
“I have a hasty,How do I remember when we came here before,It’s not that big here!”
Qin Liang started to feel puzzled。
“We appropriately expanded the space,Ha ha,Since it is a base,Then it can’t be too small,At least enough for your female warriors,And you have to make sure that even if they don’t get out of the cave,Also have enough space for activities,I don’t want to let them all come,There is a feeling of being packed in a canned sardine。”
Xiao Huahan replied quite proudly。
Everyone can see;In order to transform this place,I definitely put a lot of effort into it。
“Why is this secret base going to be used??”
Yang Shiyun finally thought of a very real problem,She asked curiously。
“The Rose Army will be expanded in the future,The number of people will increase a lot,Save it as a backup base。”
Qin Liang’s casual answer,In fact, he had a brainstorm at the beginning,I think here is not only beautiful,Picturesque landscape,And the terrain is secret,Excellent confidentiality,It was only then that the plan for the construction of this crazy and bold secret military base was born.!