Yang Zhi asked in surprise,Then he turned his head and said to the two civilian officers;“brothers,No guns?Bring us two field guns!”

So a burst of laughter immediately echoed in the room……
Half an hour later,Qin Liang brought nine soldiers from the Tower Ash Commander with all kinds of weapons and equipment,Appeared at the gate of the base,The general and many subordinates are already waiting there。
“report,Special Operations Commando is ready,Ready to go。”
Qin Liang walked to the general,Casually salute。
“This is their profile,I prepared ten copies,One for each of you,Destroy after reading,Just keep it in your head。”
The general’s assistant began to distribute the information to the ten people in front of him。
“I’m silly!How is a man and a woman?I thought it was two men。”
Qin Liang’s surprised question。
“They are a couple……Didn’t I tell you just now?”
The general frowned and said。
“Forget it……That’s it,we are leaving……correct,How do you pick us up after saving people?“
Qin Liang is about to take two steps,Turned around and asked。