Zheng Liang Xu saw Xia Jihan’s mind,That’s why Director Gu talked to her。

noon,Xia Jihan called Shan Yong and Yu Jie,Get in the car sent by Zheng Liang to pick them up,I came to a newly opened Little Sheep Shabu-shabu chain store in this city,Just about to enter,I saw Director Wang Ping of the Bureau of Culture and Sports。
Yu Jie and Xiao Shan are both greeting Wang Ju,Xia Jihan just smiled at him behind,Wang Ping gave Xia Jihan a meaningful look,Nothing said,Just walked in with others。
Due to cold,Everyone prefers a restaurant like shabu-shabu。But Xia Jihan doesn’t like to eat shabu,But since Zheng Liang chose here,She didn’t say anything,after all,Most people still like to eat shabu-shabu in this season。
After greeting everyone,Sit down separately,A big hot pot on the table is steaming,Zheng Liang asked the two ladies to order,Can’t refuse,Yu Jie ordered a few vegetables,Because she knows that Xiaoxia doesn’t like meat。
The waiter brought seven or eight plates of lamb and fat beef one after another,They just ate for a while,Wang Ping and Deng Feng, director of the Tourism Bureau, came in to toast,Zheng Liang stood up quickly,Signal the waiter to add two chairs and two sets of cutlery。
Facing Zheng Liang’s affection,Wang Ping didn’t even look at him,Lift the wine glass directly to the ancient times,Said scornfully:
“Our brothers offer a glass of wine to the seniors,You’ll drink it all the time,Don’t drink if you don’t give face,But you have to pay the huge price of being cursed。”Talking,A raised neck,A glass of wine,then“Slim”Stand still,Two small eyes looked slyly at ancient times。
In ancient times, he laughed twice,He knows Wang Ping too much,Just rely on not drinking,I took a leisurely bite of shabu-shabu and said:“Didn’t you give two choices,I choose the latter。”
“Hehe,Why is such a big person so bad??”Wang Ping raised his eyebrows and said。
“I have diabetes, you don’t know,Can’t drink。”Director Gu defended。
“Come on this,Kicking that place on the nose,Still coming。Fill me up,I’ll have another drink with you。”Wang Ping poured another full glass of wine,Reach out to ancient times。
Director Gu can’t sit still anymore,He said:“I can’t,The blood sugar has gone up again these two days,You let me live a few more days。”
Zheng Liang sees this,Hurriedly picked up the wine glass to relieve them,Said:“I respect the two leaders,Have time to visit our company。”