“Oh,That’s it。”Xia Jihan was a little disappointed。

Liu Mei said:“I went back and asked him,See if he can arrange,It would be great if it could be arranged,I have to put my cousin Mei Dian’er。”
“Yes!You fight for it。In fact, he thought that he really wronged his cousin.,Cousin agreed that I came back with them without saying anything,He was still doing my job?”Xia Jihan is a little bit unfair for his cousin。
“Yes,Cousin is the most reasonable person。I was often bullied when I was young。”Liu Mei proudly said。
At this moment,Ding Hai pushed in,Smiling,Liu Mei stood up immediately,Cheers loudly:“Wow,Ding Hai——”
Ding Hai hurriedly signaled:“note,Hug it,Police behind。”
At this moment,Tao Lan also followed Ding Hai。Liu Mei punched Ding Hai,Said:“Who wants to hug you?”She glanced at Tao Lan,Said:“Hurry up,Introduce me。”
Ding Hai said:“Do you really do not know or pretend not to know,My girlfriend,Tao Lan。wrong,Is fiancee。”
Liu Mei reaches out,Said:“You never brought it out,how could I know。”
“It’s not that I don’t want to bring,I don’t have time to take it。”
A couple of young partners sit down,The waiter brought them tea。Tao Lan says:“Sister Xiaoxia,I won’t come if you don’t bring your baby。”
Xia Jihan said quickly:“This is a temporary move,Originally, Brother Hao was going to the hospital,Here comes a whim。Mayor Zhao won’t let go。”
Liu Mei’s eyes never leave Lanlan,Said:“Lan Lan,I already knew your brave name,Heroine。Talk about what he was doing the first time you saw him when you saved the baby?”
Lan Lan stopped laughing,Said:“Stop talking,Sister Xiaoxia should feel bad again。”Yes,Lanlan also didn’t want to remember the baby’s horrified eyes and poor appearance,Maybe Liu Mei didn’t think of this layer。Lanlan said:“Put it this way,The first thing you see when you see a babydna,I knew this was Brother Hao’s son。”
Everyone laughed。
Xia Jihan asked Ding Hai:“You say it will be in an hour,Why did it take so long to arrive?。”
“Hi,Waiting for Liu Tao, County Chief Liu……”
“Who’s talking bad about me?”Liu Tao came in from outside,Follow Luqiao behind。
Xia Jihan met Liu Tao,That was during the Mingzhu Lake pollution accident,She can’t reach Guan Hao’s private number,I sent him a message on his work phone,Liu Tao saw that the mayor was drinking Chinese medicine,So he drove over to get Chinese medicine,I met that time。