People who have the ability to gain a foothold in the business field,Should be smart people,At least not stupid。

“And put aside the need for cooperation between companies,Personally,I also hope to be friends of those two ladies。”
Holly reiterated his position from another angle。
“They are indeed two very beautiful girls。”
Huang Yi smiled and answered。
“Do not,You seem to understand it wrong,I didn’t give any idea to those two ladies,I just want to be friends with two excellent people。”
Holly corrected Huang Yi’s misunderstanding seriously。
“That is not what i mean……I just want to simply praise their beauty。”
Huang Yi is a little embarrassed,He really didn’t mean that,He just took a sentence“The text is wrong”Stubborn。
In Haishang Business Circle,Huang Yi was also a figure with an identity background,I’ve also been a mastermind,Only later because of a major change,He quit“stage”,
But the old saying goes(He is not old,It’s only forty years old now),So when Edward Company started to prepare its own office in Haishang,use
Hired him generously。
One has a good reputation in the Haishang business field,Well-known,People who know the Haishang business circle well again,In the future, it will inevitably provide a great
help!So in this matter,Edward’s vision is very long-term。
And as the top leader of Edward Group’s business activities in Haishang in the future,Holly also knows the background information of his new assistant very well.,So he doesn’t know how
Have any contempt for Huang Yi。
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