Qin Liang coaxed Shen Ruoxi with a hippy smile,I want to compare to Shen Ruoxue,Shen Ruoxi is so coaxing,To be naive,Actually, Shen Ruoxi is more naive emotionally than Shen Ruoxue。

Not to mention here, Qin Liang and Shen Ruoxi, the young couple secretly bickering and flirting,Over there, Shen Ruoxue and the others have also finished their work of leaving phone calls and WeChat.,Shen Ruoxue is busy“Shenjia No. 5 Primary School”Introduce to that new friend one by one。
Chapter three hundred and sixty three Carry my own daughter-in-law
This girl also has a nice name,Wang Linlin,And she is really the same age as Shen Ruoxue,Liu Xiaoyun is a big one,exactly:She is a little bit more limited than Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun。
“All right,I won’t waste your time,Let’s eat together another day。”
After a little chat,Wang Linlin is ready to leave。
“No need to change,Just today,We are just going to eat,Just right。”
Shen Ruoxue immediately enthusiastically retained。
Wang Linlin politely declined,After all, there are so many people present at the moment,She’s afraid it’s inappropriate to join,And the other big girls and little girls are all famous Shen family girls,It’s not that anyone has the opportunity to sit and eat with them。wavv
But Liu Xiaoyun is here,How could she get her away?……
So there is one more of Shen’s sisters.“Special forces”Sister。
Wang Linlin is very polite,I greeted Qin Liang and the five Shen family eldest sisters one by one,Talk to each of the Shen’s sisters again,Of course everyone expressed a warm welcome to her。
Now the girls have to talk,Wang Linlin as a university graduate studying animal,Of course I know more about animals than plums,Basically, it can be said that every animal-related question raised by you,She can give a very professional answer immediately。