At this time one of the men shouted。

“I rub!It’s my dad!Isn’t it,He’s all chased to Haishang City!”Qin Liang heard that it was a bodyguard sent by his father,Fei Dan didn’t stop,How fast are you on your feet?。
“Why are you picking up here?,Are you here to tie me back?。I won’t go back。”Qin Liang finished speaking quickly,Ten seconds is good,Qin Liang’s figure is gone。
But these men are not in a hurry,Because at the other end,There is still a team。
as expected,Qin Liang didn’t run long,I met another team。
This team saw Qin Liang,Quickly set aside,I’m going to grab Qin Liang。
“Qin Shao,We are offended。”
It seems I can only fight once,Qin Liang saw this scene,His good dad must have ordered to die,Even if it’s tied up, you have to tie him back.。
But when it comes to fighting Qin Liang, I’m not afraid,With his skill as a mercenary soldier,There is still no problem with these four or five bodyguards。
Qin Liang said nothing,Rushed into these few people,Left punch,Another punch,Two people fell immediately,He punches very fast,Falling down these two people will definitely not be able to defend。
Down two people,The other three,Siege of Qin Liang,Qin Liang is a mercenary discharged,They knew it early,But they are not vegetarian,After Qin Liang defeated the two,The remaining three have formed an encirclement to Qin Liangkai。
Qin Liang took a look,Just understand,These bodyguards are expected,Must be good,Otherwise, dad won’t let them come and tie me back。
“Dad,You are so kind to son,Sent such a powerful bodyguard,Just to tie me home。”Qin Liang completely despised his father in his heart。
But Qin Liang still doesn’t pay attention to these three people,He rushes from left to right,Very fast,Not many seconds,The end of these three people is exactly the same as before。
But before Qin Liang breathed a sigh of relief,A man in a suit wearing sunglasses appeared on the stairs below and above,There are more than a dozen。
Horse eggs,so many people!