Pure imperial accent,Make the questioner stunned,He reacted,“You are from the Imperial Capital?Do you know Yuzishan??”This is asked in Mandarin。

Yuze nodded。
This person said something, wait a minute,Just ran back。quickly,Came down a man who was obviously a bit stylish,A little older,But still spirited。
“My name is Liu Tang,Is the lawyer representing Yuzishan。Please come in and sit down.”Liu Tang first glanced at Ou Baobao,Then I looked at Ou Zhaozhao again,Finally looked at Yuze,For a while,Just withdraw his eyes。
The King of Europe,Little Empress,President Yu.
Yuzishan,Really didn’t lie!!!!
Came to Liu Tang’s office,Ou Zhaozhao and others sit down,Three bodyguards came in,Everyone else stayed outside。This made Liu Tang give up the idea of letting the assistant bring tea in,But speak directly。
“Are you here for Yuzhi’s custody rights??”Liu Tang is a little embarrassed,“I was negligent,Failed to take care of Yuzhi。Fortunately, her aunt is somewhat conscientious and timid,Sent Yuzhi to the imperial capital smoothly.Sent to you,otherwise,I will have no face to see Yuzishan in the future。”
The imperial capital,Liu Tang already knows。I wanted to contact Oujia,but,No channel,He also wants to gamble,See if Ou’s family will do what Yuzishan said,People coming。did not expect,So fast,It really came.
Thought of this,Liu Tang got up to get Yuzishan’s suicide note,He also understands,The status of Ou Huang and others,It’s too high。Why should he wait for someone to speak?,Take the initiative,Also interesting。
“You don’t seem to be surprised by our arrival.”Ou Zhaozhao is in no hurry to let the suicide note,But to ask Liu Tang,“Could it be that Yuzishan was born,What did you say?”
Liu Tang nodded directly,“He and I are college classmates。Later he came here,Our relationship has been very good。And the point is,After the accidental deaths of his only son and his wife,His health is getting worse。then,He told me about his relationship with you,This is also his ridiculous will,After his death,The root cause that many people observe。”
“.”Ou’s mother and daughter have a look at each other,Turned out to be like this,Yuzishan is using the tiger skin of their Ou family as a banner,That’s why such a ridiculous will was implemented.No wonder。