“Now there is no life-threatening。”

Qin Liang’s easy answer。
“Ugh,This girl likes to work hard……”
Murong Shan sighed。
“It is because of her desperate police,To have a happy life for everyone。”
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Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty Nine Luckily it’s an arrow
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Qin Liang appreciates Yang Shiyun the most,It is also her courage and courage to put her life and death out of her life without fear at this critical moment,At this point,Liu Xiaoyun is the same as Yang Shiyun。
“Let’s go out and say a few words,Don’t disturb her sleeping。”
Murong Shan stretched her hand over Qin Liang,Turned and walked outside the ward。
Qin Liang wanted to go out and ask the police outside to protect Yang Shiyun to help him buy some food and drink.,He is hungry,So immediately went out with Murong Shan。